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Bird Proofing Geelong

Pest bird species are an issue when it comes to your roofing and guttering. They can cause extensive damage to your property. At Gutter Cleaning Geelong, we can provide your home or office with bird proofing that works. 

The problem of pest birds

The birds that we find living in your gutters and roofs are introduced pests. Unlike our native birds, which nest in trees, pests and introduced species will nest wherever they can survive – resulting in your gutter and roof becoming their nesting ground. These areas can include not only your gutter, but underneath roof tiles, inside downpipes, and roosting points like antennas and chimneys. 

The most common species found around Geelong are mynas, pigeons, and starlings and they all LOVE to roost in gutters and roofing.

Bird spikes Geelong
Bird proofing Geelong

Additional concerns

If your nests of pest birds grow to become an infestation, they can also be detrimental to your health, as well as the health of your property. These birds can transfer diseases to humans such as psittacosis, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis.

Birds also carry lice and mites, which could migrate through any cavities in the walls of your home and risk infecting your household and can be very difficult to remove. Some bird species will bring large amounts of rubbish and debris when building nests, clogging gutters, and causing fire hazards.

Our Bird Proofing Solutions

Our bird proofing ensures that our flying friends won’t take up residence in your roof or gutter. Not only do we install the protection, but we can also provide any bird-related clean up that may be necessary.

At Gutter Cleaning Geelong, we use a combination of cleverly placed gutter guard, mesh and bird spikes to protect your property from pest birds.

Get in touch with our fully trained team today and we’ll come out to inspect the property and see what kind of pest proofing will be best for your particular building.

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For effective protection against pest birds, contact Gutter Cleaning Geelong today!