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Geelong, Victoria

Gutter Cleaning Geelong & Surrounds

Our friendly gutter cleaning team service the areas of Geelong, Greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast, Colac and Golden Plains.

High-quality service

Our gutter cleaning service includes a full and comprehensive gutter and downpipe clean to ensure any debris and build-up is removed effectively.

This service can also include:

High-quality Gutter Cleaning in Geelong
Gutter cleaners in Geelong

The importance of regular gutter cleaning

Many people are not aware of how gutter maintenance can affect the home if it’s not carried out regularly. The debris and leaf litter that builds up in your gutters is only rarely washed out by rainfall.

When the gutter is completely blocked, water may back up onto the roof and into the ceiling area, potentially causing large amounts of damage, whilst also overflowing down to the area below. The excess water trapped within the debris in the gutter can also cause corrosion and rot, which can be costly to have fixed. The extra weight from all the debris can damage the gutter and may even cause it to become dislodged.

Additional maintenance concerns

Gutters which have not been cleaned can also encourage animals and insects to flock to the area. Waterlogged gutters create a breeding ground for mosquitos, enticing more to breed around your home. Leaf litter build up can also encourage pests like introduced birds, rats, and mice to nest in your gutter, making it difficult to move them when it comes time for cleaning. The birds may even come back if they like the spot! The breakdown of this material may cause the growth of plant seedlings and fungi which can be damaging to the structure of your home.

Excess leaf litter is also a fire hazard in summer, especially in bushfire-prone areas. A small ember could ignite in the gutter, causing a fire that could very easily spread into the home and surrounding yard.

Blocked gutter and downpipe in Geelong

For quality gutter cleaning services, carried out by industry professionals who are also qualified and highly skilled gutter technicians, contact us today!