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Gutter Guard Installation & Maintenance

A gutter guard is a protective mesh that is installed into the plumbing system of your roof to reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning and help protect your gutter from damage. This protection will block various debris from falling into the gutter, such as leaves and other organic materials.

The benefits of gutter protection

Gutters can fill and become blocked quite quickly, especially when there are trees and overhanging branches surrounding your home. The horizontal positioning of the gutters often causes any leaf litter to remain where it has fallen and often it cannot be blown out or moved away by water. 

Downpipes will also begin to block, which will cause water to overflow from your guttering, across the roof and down onto the area below. By installing a quality gutter guard, the gutters will remain clear of leaf litter and reduce the amount of cleaning required.

Gutter Guard Installation in Geelong
Gutter Guard Geelong

Our gutter guard

The product we use and highly recommend is the incredibly versatile Triple-G Gutter Mesh. An Australian invention, the gutter mesh contains a copolymer mix of carbon black and high-density polyethylene, resulting in the strongest, non-metal gutter mesh that has even been created. By using a flexible material, it is far easier to mould the mesh to your gutter for perfect results, unlike metal gutter protection. 

The Triple-G Gutter Mesh has a life expectancy of minimum 25 years, and is UV resistant to avoid breakdown and damage, unlike cheaper products.

Gutter guard installation

To install the Triple-G gutter guard there is no need to drill into your roof or move tiles, which makes it quick and easy to replace or remove. We also have screwed down gutter guard options.

Using a design with fine mesh blocks most debris from entering the gutter and provides protection from birds and other pests.

Our friendly team of gutter guard installers are highly-trained, experienced, and will take utmost care of your roof.


Gutter Guard Installation Geelong
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